Products and Services

We specialize in delivering integrated high pressure and high-temperature solutions for your geothermal well challenges.

Our integrated offer

We provide a complete package of solutions for your needs. From our advanced tooling to conveyance planning, highly skilled engineering resource backup, field support, and project execution - we cover every stage of your project.

Tool design and placement

Adding accessories to a wireline toolstring requires a clear understanding of the cost to benefit ratio. Our experience and consultative approach will guide you effortlessly through this process.

Conveyance planning and modeling

Quantifying the benefits of our downhole tools provides you with key insights into the probability of success. Field data overlay delivers greater future accuracy.

Impact force analysis

Determining the force transference from jar to toolstring aids in toolstring design, accessory requirements, and optimal jar setting so you can complete your project with confidence.

Conveyance Planning and Modelling

Our geothermal well planning, modelling and conveyance combined solutions increase the options for your most challenging operations.


  • More advanced inputs for tool, well and cable frictions
  • Dynamic jarring calculations – models impact forces on the toolstring
  • Incorporates elastic effects such as stick and pull


  • Comparative reporting to evaluate different scenarios
  • Allows faster decision making
  • Determines optimum settings for your well, string or run

Standard and Heavy Duty Jars

Available as standard or heavy duty, advanced technology ensures high performance to avoid time-consuming and expensive stuck tool strings and fishing jobs.


  • Available for standard and heavy duty slickline and e-line monoconductor
  • Field adjustable
  • Optional self-relatching feature allows the wireline operator to close or relatch the jar without relying on tool weight or gravity


  • Reliable, all-mechanical design unaffected by temperature or pressure
  • Resets immediately downhole for instant and unlimited activations
  • Adaptable and easy application save time and money

Wireline Intensifier

Our Wireline Intensifier increases your jarring force while protecting your tools against shock damage.


  • Uses Belleville spring washers for significantly greater force than a conventional coiled spring
  • Short, compact design


  • Provides highly effective shock absorption to help prevent tool or wire damage
  • Stores additional energy when used with an Impact Geothermal Wireline Jar to increase impact forces

Low Friction Tubular Jar

A low friction linear jarring device delivering reliable impact force to dislodge stuck tools in ultra-high temperature and pressure situations.


  • Intake and exhaust slots maximize velocity
  • Dual fish neck design for extra precaution
  • Suitable for slickline and e-line applications


  • Designed to deliver superior jarring force
  • Ideal for use in high temperature and high pressure wells
  • Eliminates need for seals, bearings, or races

Mechanical Release Tool

Simple and safe to use, our Mechanical Release Tool is an effective solution to quickly disconnect your stuck tool string.


  • All mechanical design
  • Slickline or monoconductor
  • Ballistic Free


  • Field adjustable activation load saves time and money
  • Easy to operate
  • Robust design to withstand high temperatures and pressures

Wireline Rollers

No matter your downhole challenges, our wireline rollers ensure effective geothermal well conveyance.


  • In line option – connects directly to the wireline operator’s tool string thread. Typically used in tighter restrictions
  • Over body option – clamps onto the external diameter of the passenger tool string. Normally used in larger wellbores
  • Reduces pick up weight. Increases run-in weight


  • Increases the range of wireline intervention in deviated and tortuous wells
  • Reduces project costs by eliminating unnecessary runs
  • Allows you to confidently reach target depth quickly

Wireline Guide Rollers

Our wireline guide rollers provide fixed positioning and a navigational guide for easier and faster operations.


  • Self-orienting configuration with low-friction dual rollers
  • Streamlined profile and simple design
  • Choice of connections to fit various tool strings


  • Allows you to reach extended depths and higher deviations
  • Easily navigates downhole obstructions, reducing project time and costs
  • Rugged construction for low maintenance

When your project gets challenging, talk to us about how our Intelligent Conveyance® technologies can reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and increase safety.