As part of Impact Selector, our geothermal solutions are based on Intelligent Conveyance®. Our tools, technology, insight, and expertise can support your project success in this growing market.

New challenges need new options

The geothermal industry is an important high-value driver for the world, the global economy, and for businesses growing to deliver the market’s potential.

There are challenges, such as extreme well temperatures, pressures, and deviations. These require rugged and reliable tools, experienced and capable engineering teams, and specialists to ensure project predictability.

We are the specialists. We’re a unique provider in a niche space. Simply put, our tools and plans help keep our customers’ operations moving. We’re driven to unlock the potential of geothermal by fulfilling this key role - essential to the industry’s success.

We have a highly experienced team, a successful track record in supporting geothermal well campaigns, and a committed environment, social and governance strategy. We believe there’s a huge opportunity for growth in the market. For us, our clients, our investors, and the geothermal industry.

    environment, social and governance strategy

    Our global reach

    We’re ready with the resources and solutions to support your geothermal conveyance projects wherever you need us.

    When your project gets challenging, talk to us about how our Intelligent Conveyance® technologies can reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and increase safety.